High speed – Internal Doors
Separation between indoor areas (inside / inside)

High-speed doors Large SmallHigh-speed internal doors are mounted between different production areas. They are used for conservation of specific climatic requirements such as moisture or heat, avoid pulling or simply the quality assurance for sensitive conditions in production.

The doors are self-supporting and can be fixed to the floor and the two upper corners. Through this self-supporting structure, the doors can usually also like to lightweight partition walls be attached. The frame construction is mounted on the wall, in other words is not in the clear passageway.

Optionally, these doors can be supplied as escape route or design goals. Next is a trim level in particular gas-tight form.This serves to maintain a positive or negative pressure or a special gas-air mixture eg warehouses, clean rooms, with manufacturing exhaust systems, maturing rooms and much more.

In door heights of less than 2.50 m gates and get a drive shaft lining that serves as statutory protection guard. Depending on the door height are running speeds of up to 3.0 m / sec.realizable.

Interior doors are the ideal solution for retrofit or in the event of temporary use of a building – the door can be removed and installed most of the same size on another site.

In the days of operation, the high speed door is opened in Automatikbetieb for each transit or passage and closed as quickly as possible. For automatic operation, all common activators such as motion detectors, induction loops, hauling cable can be connected, etc..

Since the gate systems usually run automatically, the use of surveillance as personal and property protection is recommended.

Take advantage of many optional extras are available. Thus, the doors can be tailored to the particular circumstances.

Speed ​​doors with crash protection – against damage

High speed Anti Crash

Speed ​​(Open) 1.2 to 3.0 m / sec.
Speed ​​(Close) 0.8 m / sec.
Self-supporting gate construction. Not connected.
Light curtains concealed in the side panels, to H 2.5 m, no spiral cable
Window to full width of the door
Especially quiet door travel no wind backups are required there.
Standard: automatic function and interlock with 2.Tor
Wind fuses integrated in the door curtain
Full Crash functionality also in the door leaf
Meets the strict standards of EN 13241-1 and wind load class 3
Surveillance as people u. Property Protection optional
Upgradeable as floodgate optional
Powertrain and engine cover optional
Door construction powder coated RAL n. Election or V2A optional