High Speed ​​Doors – Hall gates, flexible or aluminum

The sliding gate for all industrial building (also for retrofitting)

Alu-speed door ASE

Hall gates of ERET – Tortechnik be performed either with a solid, double, insulated door leaf made of aluminum with double windows, or alternatively as PVC high speed, in addition to an existing Außenanschlusstor.

All high-speed doors can be mounted both on the inside and on the outside of the hall. The outdoor installation provides against the combined system or assembly on the inside a number of advantages:

  • optimum sealing to the structure, compared to the combined system
  • when retrofitting no substructure / continuous sealing required
  • space-saving installation
  • increased isolation of the outer gate vorhanenen

With flexible Schnelllaufotren the already existing conventional industrial door stays in place and the high speed door is mounted compactly on the outside. Alternatively, the PVC door as a combined system behind the Industrial, mounted inside. Thus, such a high speed door is the ideal solution for retrofit or in the event of temporary use of a building – the door can be removed and installed the same size on another site. Alternatively, an aluminum high speed take over the tasks of both goals simultaneously.

When using a PVC-speed door we opened eg in daily operation, the conventional external door and arranged behind the flexible high-speed door opened in Automatikbetieb for any transit or passage and closed as quickly as possible. For automatic operation, all common activators such as motion detectors, induction loops, hauling cable can be connected, etc.. The use of two successively arranged gates provides two important advantages:
1. Are both goals simultaneously closed overnight, for example, results in an exceptionally good insulation against accidental opening of the refrigerant loss.
2. If one of the two gates will be damaged by the operation, the other remains fully intact until it is repaired and the building closed.

Since the gate systems usually run automatically, the use of surveillance as personal and property protection is recommended. Investing in a room monitoring would pay for itself already in the prevention of a single Anfahrschadens and avoid cost and effort.

Take advantage of many optional extras are available. Thus, the doors can be tailored to the particular circumstances.

Details at a glance:

High speed PSE S ERET Tortechnik GmbH (2)

Speed ​​(Open) 1.2 to 3.0 m / sec.
Speed ​​(Close) 0.8 m / sec.
Self-supporting gate construction. Not connected.
Light curtain to H 2.5 m (this omission spiral cable)
Window to full width of the door
Door panels are available in different colors or printed
Curtain pocket at the bottom sword. Compensates for uneven. Water Conservation
Wind fuses integrated in the door curtain
Storm roles in exterior gates
Meets the strict standards of EN 13241-1 and wind load class 3
Surveillance as people u. Property Protection optional
Panel for operator and sliding door shaft optional
Anti-crash optional
Galvanized steel components weather resistant, aluminum parts exoliert E6EV1 optional