What makes the high-speed “PSE” as well?

… It just works. The ERET guarantee high speed (more …)




A “clean sweep”: 
Optional: – Front panel for sliding door shaft 
– Engine cover 
-. Complete coverage for Drive and Welleaus aluminum, coil coated RAL9006

High speed Eret cover  


quality drive technology! 
with frequency technology, made ​​in Germany. 
Frequency directly on the engine, without loss or EMC.

High speed ERET GFA drives  


Manufacturer GFA. Simple 1-button programming, all functions from the ground adjustable backlit keyboard, display and error. Memory, Automatic timer with countdown timer adjustable connection of all common opener and safety devices.Transformer with 24V on the controller.Goal-condition indicator readable from the outside. 
Simple parameter setting and adjustment.

High-speed doors ERET GFA controller  

Floor Statements

flexible floor statements for uneven floors or sloping floor 
Because as standard light curtain no contact rail is required. No Sprialkabel etc.


Crash – means

When approaching the lower part of this can be released from the guide rails by flexible tails.

  Optional: Set screw for easy rethreading the blind …. after the crash -> IMG_6935  
  1 … solve retire -> IMG_6936  
  2 … advance, tighten -> IMG_6938  
  3 … done! IMG_6939  

Standard crash

Without adjusting screw, but full “anti-crash function”



very tight-fitting side panels. Plastic slide rails for a wear-door travel. Surface in aluminum anodized E6EV1


Anti-Crash curtain

Is overloaded in a collision with a vehicle, the curtain, enter the guide rails and enter the Bahang free. This avoids damage to blind and rails.