Flexible high-speed doors with anti-crash

High speed anti crash

Anti-Crash is standard on all high-speed doors of the PSE series. If a vehicle falls into the closing movement of the gate, possibly because the run-up to the gate is not adequately monitored, the guide rail release the lower part. The risk of in major damage is significantly reduced the target.


Bottom rail crash

By means of an optional manual reset Crash the bottom rail can be brought back into the guide rail without much effort.

High speed crash 2High speed crash 3High speed crash 4IMG_6937IMG_6938 IMG_6939

Crash curtain

In high-speed doors as interior or exterior door sheltered installation situation of the door curtain can also be equipped with crash Knöfpen. The result is that the door curtain is too great mechanical stress can come from the guide rails, without causing irreparable damage.

High-speed doors crash behang 1fast-closing doors crash behang2fast-closing doors crash behang3


Details at a glance:

Image: standart bottom rail crash

High speed door with anti-crash

Speed ​​(Open) 1.7 to 3.0 m / sec.
Speed ​​(Close) 0.8 m / sec.
Available for door types: PSE PSE M and S
Light curtain to H 2.5 m (this omission spiral cable)
AntiCrash to the lower rail
Anti Crash on ears (optional, wind load dependent)
Flexible floor pocket to compensate for irregularities
For Door leaf colors: blue, orange, gray, red, yellow, black
Storm rolls in larger exterior gates
Suitable for exterior doors
Manual reset with fixing screw optional
Contact bar with wireless transmission without spiral cable optional
Version with counterweights as an escape route optional